The Toyota Prius Combines Utility and Convenience

The new Toyota Prius isn't just an economical car. It is a popular compact hybrid because it also offers helpful utility features and convenient attributes. Learn what the Prius has to offer to potential car buyers.

The Prius comes equipped with helpful safety features. For example, the Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist helps keep your Prius on the right track. Whenever the Prius veers outside of the lane markings, the alert advises you to take corrective action. The technology can also auto-adjust your steering when it detects drifting. This feature provides both utility and convenience.

The Prius helps you keep an eye on blind spots. The Blind Spot Monitor sends an alert when a vehicle enters the area. What makes this feature so convenient is that the alert appears right on the side mirror. You don't have to risk your safety by looking at the dashboard to receive information. This system lets you keep your eyes on the road to avoid accidents.

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