Looking Closely at the Toyota Avalon Safety Features

When you look closely at the Toyota Avalon full-size sedan safety features, you'll want to get behind the wheel too. These are only a few of those features to consider.

The new Toyota Avalon has the Automatic High Beams system to make driving in the dark easier and safer. If no other vehicle is within range of the car in oncoming traffic or in front of the car, the high beams automatically come on. If a car is detected, the system will toggle the low beams back on.

How does the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system in the Avalon make driving safer on the highway? If a car gets too close to your vehicle, the system slows down the car, then speeds back to the desired speed once a safe distance opens.

Take the Avalon for a test drive at Mac Haik Toyota and get to see these safety features in action today.



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