Synthetic or Conventional: Should You Make the Switch?

Have you been wondering what kind of oil you should use and why you should use it? After all, some conventional oils are less expensive. So what exactly is the difference between the less expensive, conventional oil, and the more expensive, synthetic oil?

First off, conventional oil is made with natural oil that has other materials added to it. Synthetic oil is man-made materials. So how do you know which one is right for you? Well, the benefit of conventional oil is that it is more cost-effective, and it is okay for lower-mileage vehicles that don't need as much protection. The benefit of synthetic oil is that it has a higher level of viscosity which offers a higher level of lubrication. This is why synthetic oil is sometimes preferred over conventional oil.

If you're thinking about switching from conventional oil to synthetic or vice versa, come to Mac Haik Toyota in League City, TX, and our mechanics will help you better understand the effects of the switch on your vehicle.

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