The Importance in Keeping the Cabin & Engine Air Filters Clean

Just like how the air filters in your home improve the air quality by stripping away things like allergens and pet dander, air filters in your vehicle help the car to run better.

The cabin air filters will remove the majority of allergens from the air, leaving interior safer for driver and passengers to breathe. If those filters are dirty or clogged, now you quickly degrade the overall air quality in the cabin.

The engine air filters are working to remove dust and dirt from getting into the motor. The more you drive, the dirtier those air filters get, so it is important they are cleaned or replaced often. Dirty air filters restrict airflow to the motor, so it can decrease your ability to accelerate and lower the overall performance of the motor.

Stop by Mac Haik Toyota, where we'll give all the filters a close inspection and replace the ones that are too dirty.



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