How to Escape a Flooding Car

Recent events have been a stern reminder about the dangers of flooding and how difficult it can be to safely escape a car trapped on flooded roadway. If you find yourself in such a situation, there are some strategies you can use to get out safely.

First things first, try to stay calm. It's natural to be scared and to panic in a situation like that, but a cool head can be one of the best tools at your disposal.

Once you've taken hold of your composure, remove your rear-view mirror from its older and break the glass. Use glass shards from the broken mirror to cut your seat belt. You can skip this step if you have a cutting tool available.

Once that's done use a blunt object in the car to break your window. You can remove the front seat headrest if you're having a hard time find something. Once the window's broken, clear away any sharp glass shards from the edge of the now open window. You can then climb out your window to escape.

Before you go, tie a loop into your cut safety belt. At full length, a safety belt can stretch up to 20 feet. It can provide a valuable lifeline if the water current is strong.

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